Moovit- One of the best apps if not THE best to use in Israel is "Moovit". It will make you and our public transportation best friends. Simply download the app on your smart phone, enter your destinations address and see all buss options and train. They will walk you through getting to the station, then what bus #, what stop, and once your off it will walk you to your exact destination! 

Gett Taxi- Ever heard of Uber? Well Gett Taxi is the Israeli version! 

Helpful Apps!

This one speaks for itself and its very important to remember because... YOUR STUFF WILL GET STOLLEN!

Luckley at Hayarkon Hostel we have lock boxes as well as lockers if you want to store your passport, phone, wallet, and any other valuables, when you go to the beach.

Don't Bring Valuables to the Beach!

Shabbat is a Jewish holiday, that begins sun down Friday to sun down Saturday. This means that all buses, trains, banks, pharmacys, most stores and restaurants will be closed. Keep this in mind when you plan your itinerary!! 

*Its always good to check the bus and train schedules ahead of time because things change from time to time.

Israel's Unique Schedule

Book your taxi with our receptionists the night before your flight. Our taxis charge a discounted fixed rate. You can also put your name on our board and share a taxi with other guests and split the price!

Book Your Taxi to the Airport Through us!

Easy peasy, book your stay through our website and we'll apply 5% off!


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